We had just completed a 3 week cruise on Holland America (Antarctica) and he met us just outside of the baggage pick up area. There were seven of us and he got all of our luggage in and off we went. He drives a 2010 Mercedes SUV which is very comfortable. With 8 total on board it was a little tight and I would suggest 2 or 3 less.

That was our fault not his. the extra 3 people we added at the very last minute, as a favor, because they had other transport that had a problem and would have been 2 hrs late.
Andres gave us a great tour of Valparaiso then on to a seafood restaurant then to the Santiago airport with a stop for icecream.

Andres lived in the U.S. for many years and speaks english like we do. We are returning to Santiago toward the end of march for another cruise (Celebrity this time) up the west side and thru the Panama canal we will have him meet us and take us the other way from the airport to the pier.

He is a great guy, you'll like him.
We live in the Daytona Beach FL area just fyi. Hope you have a great cruise.
Tony Crawford

P.S. When we got to the airport it was a ZOO the lines were out the door.
It took 2.5 hrs to get through and to the gate. We were told it was usually not that bad BUT I would plan on being there 3 hrs ahead of flight time. We needed darn near all of that
We just got back from a cruise where Andres did almost exactly what you propose. We spent a day in Valparaiso then we spent a day touring wineries and going to the airport with him. He picked us up a few minutes early at our hotel, organized a three winery tour with lunch and handled all the arrangements for my husband and I. We had a great time!
Jennifer Sternfeld

I'm sorry I failed to respond to your previous email. We have had so much going on since we returned, it slipped my mind. We were very pleased with your service and felt you went the extra mile to make sure we enjoyed our time in Valparaiso /Santiago...which we did. You were very solicitous and constantly checked with us ensure we were seeing and visiting everything we were interested in seeing. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors
Karen and Robert Lakin